Advantages and disadvantages of using Dreamweaver to Design Websites

Dreamweaver is one of many software that could be used to design a website. It is an excellent tool for some web designers while to some it is not worth trying. Dreamweaver software could be used to make a website without knowledge of any code. The Dreamweaver software program could be used by anybody who has some basic skills in web design in London or New York and even Bali. The pros and cons of using Dreamweaver software program are highlighted below.


Dreamweaver software makes it easier to design the web. The software has some features that make it easier for anybody with fundamental web design skills to use it.The Dreamweaver software provides with efficiency in the reading of codes when checking for errors.The software could also be used to make multiple sites because it is easier to use. The Dreamweaver software program could be used to design sites compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers and all devices that could access the interweb.


The Dreamweaver software program only provides with the essential functions in web designing. Due to the changing nature of web design and development, a web designer needs not rely entirely on Dreamweaver software. Dreamweaver software is capable of creating extra codes on the web. This creation of additional codes could hamper the functionality of a website.Dreamweaver software is not useful for facilitating a site gain search engine optimization since it has no good written code snippets and obsolete CCS coding.

Any person could analyze the pros and cons of using a Dreamweaver software and decide the best way to go.

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